0960 What Network In The Philippines-Globe Or Smart?

0960 What Network

Are you tired of dropped calls, slow internet speeds, and confusing mobile plans? The telecommunications industry in the Philippines is booming, with two major players dominating the market – Globe and Smart. If you’ve ever asked yourself “0960 What Network?”, then this blog post is for you! Let’s dive into the world of Globe and Smart to help you make an informed decision on choosing the right network for your communication needs.

0960 What Network?

Curious about the mysterious 0960 number that’s been popping up on your phone bill? Wondering which network it belongs to? Well, you’re not alone. In the Philippines, 0960 numbers are associated with either Globe or Smart networks.

So, what exactly are Globe and Smart? These two telecommunications giants have been dominating the industry for years, offering a wide range of services from mobile data to voice calls and text messaging.

When it comes to coverage and speed, both Globe and Smart have their strengths. While Globe boasts wider coverage in urban areas, Smart is known for its reliable signal in rural regions.

Pricing plans and promotions play a crucial role in attracting customers. From affordable prepaid packages to exclusive postpaid deals, each network has its own unique offerings tailored to different consumer needs.

Customer service and user experience can make or break a telecom provider. Both Globe and Smart strive to provide top-notch customer support through various channels like hotlines, online chat support, and self-service portals.

Choosing the right network boils down to your personal preferences – whether you prioritize coverage, pricing flexibility, or customer service satisfaction.

What Are Globe and Smart?

When it comes to telecommunication networks in the Philippines, two major players dominate the scene: Globe and Smart. These companies provide a wide range of services such as mobile data, voice calls, and messaging to millions of subscribers nationwide.

Globe Telecom is known for its innovative offerings and partnerships with global tech brands. It prides itself on providing fast and reliable internet connections through its advanced network infrastructure. On the other hand, Smart Communications boasts extensive coverage across the country and has been a pioneer in introducing groundbreaking technologies like 5G.

Both Globe and Smart continually strive to enhance their services by investing in network upgrades and expanding their product portfolios to meet the evolving needs of consumers. Customers can choose between these two telecom giants based on factors such as network coverage, pricing plans, promotions, and overall user experience.

Key Differences Between Globe and Smart Networks

When it comes to choosing between Globe and Smart networks in the Philippines, there are some key differences to consider.

Globe Telecom is known for its innovative services and extensive international roaming coverage. They offer a wide range of postpaid plans with various data allocations and perks like freebies and discounts on entertainment platforms. On the other hand, Smart Communications focuses on providing reliable network connections and fast internet speeds across the country.

While Globe emphasizes lifestyle benefits such as exclusive events and partnerships, Smart places a strong emphasis on network reliability and customer service support. In terms of pricing, Globe may have more competitive rates for certain plans while Smart offers value-added services like GigaPoints rewards program.

Your choice between Globe and Smart will depend on your individual preferences regarding coverage, speed, pricing, and additional perks offered by each network.

Network Coverage and Speed Comparison

When it comes to choosing a mobile 0960 What Network in the Philippines, one crucial factor to consider is network coverage and speed. Globe Telecom and Smart Communications are two major players in the telecommunications industry, each boasting extensive coverage across the country.

Globe’s network covers urban areas well, providing strong signals in cities and towns. On the other hand, Smart has a reputation for its wider reach in rural areas, ensuring connectivity even in remote locations.

In terms of speed, both networks offer 4G LTE services for faster data connections. However, real-world speeds may vary depending on location and network congestion.

Before making a decision on which network to choose, it’s essential to research coverage maps and inquire about actual speeds from current users. The best network for you will depend on your specific needs and usage patterns.

Pricing Plans and Promotions

When it comes to choosing a network in the Philippines, pricing plans and promotions play a significant role. Globe and Smart both offer a variety of packages tailored to different needs and budgets.

Globe is known for its customizable postpaid plans that cater to users who want flexibility in their mobile services. On the other hand, Smart offers competitive prepaid options with attractive discounts on data packages and call rates.

Both networks regularly run promotions such as freebies, discounts on devices, and exclusive perks for loyal customers. These deals can help you save money while enjoying premium services from either Globe or Smart.

Before making a decision, it’s essential to compare the pricing plans and promotions offered by Globe and Smart to determine which one aligns best with your usage habits and budget constraints.

Customer Service and User Experience

When it comes to choosing a network in the Philippines, considering customer service and user experience is essential. Globe and Smart both strive to provide top-notch support for their users. Whether you encounter technical issues or billing inquiries, having reliable customer service can make a significant difference.

User experience also plays a crucial role in determining which network suits your needs best. From ease of use with mobile apps to the overall network stability during calls and data usage, these factors can impact your daily communication significantly.

Globe and Smart have invested in improving their services over the years to enhance user satisfaction. By offering various channels for assistance and feedback, they aim to cater to the diverse needs of their customers effectively. A seamless customer service experience coupled with a smooth user interface can elevate your telecommunications journey.

Choosing the Right Network for You

When it comes to choosing the right 0960 What Network for you in the Philippines, consider your priorities. Do you value wide coverage or lightning-fast speeds? Globe and Smart each have their strengths, so weigh them against your needs.

Think about your budget too. Compare pricing plans and promotions offered by both networks. Are you looking for a good deal on data or prefer flexible options?

Customer service matters. Look into user experiences and reviews to see which network provides better support when issues arise.

It all boils down to what suits your lifestyle and preferences best. Take some time to evaluate what matters most to you in a network provider before making a decision.


Q: What factors should I consider when deciding between Globe and Smart?

A: Consider network coverage, speed, pricing plans, promotions, customer service, and overall user experience.

Q: Which network has better coverage in rural areas?

A: Both Globe and Smart have extensive coverage in urban areas but may vary in rural locations. It’s best to check specific coverage maps for accurate information.

Q: Are there any contract obligations with these networks?

A: Both networks offer prepaid and postpaid options. Prepaid plans do not have contract obligations, while postpaid plans may require a contract term.

Q: Can I easily switch between Globe and Smart networks?

A: Yes, both networks offer number portability services that allow you to retain your number when switching.


When it comes to choosing between Globe and Smart 0960 What Network in the Philippines, it ultimately boils down to your personal preferences and needs. Both networks offer extensive coverage, competitive pricing plans, and reliable customer service. Consider factors like network coverage in your area, data speed requirements, budget constraints, and overall user experience before making a decision.

Whether you prioritize fast internet speeds for streaming or gaming or prefer affordable call and text packages for staying connected with loved ones, both Globe and Smart have something to offer. Take the time to assess your priorities and make an informed choice that aligns with your communication needs. Whichever network you choose – Globe or Smart – rest assured that the telecommunications industry in the Philippines is continuously evolving to provide better services for its consumers.

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